Chapter 1515

“Dance in front of the first person you meet…” David Harper said. “Change it to something else…” Jenny Armstrong said. “Are you a sore loser?” David asked. Jenny was speechless. Indeed, she was a sore loser in front of her idol. Blakely Shelton cocked his brows slightly. A curious gaze appeared in his eyes. “What do you need me to do?” Blakely could guess what game this large group of people was playing. “Jenny… Are you a sore loser?” David asked again. “Hurry up. Stop stalling… Ask him for it…” David said. “What do you want?” Blakely asked. Jenny frowned deeply and glared at David. “Shut up, you jerk…” She snarled. David immediately shut up and coughed awkwardly. “What exactly do you need?” Blakely asked again. “I need… I need something you own. We’re just playing Truth or Dare. If you don’t want to give it to me, forget it…” Jenny said helplessly. No matter how she thought about it, asking for an object was still better than dancing. Blakely chuckled a little. He then

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