Chapter 1513

Apart from this, he also formed an e-Sports team. His e-Sports team made it into LPL’s league, but it was at the bottom of LPL’s tier list. The team’s name was A4… To David Harper, this was purely his hobby. He didn’t particularly care too much about the team’s results. Although his esports team didn’t perform well, his investment company was rather smooth-sailing. It ranked among the top in the country. Apart from e-Sports and investing to earn money, David’s biggest hobby was collecting expensive cars and limited-edition shoes and playing with internet celebrities and female celebrities. This man was known for his reputation as a womanizer. As a result, there was countless gossip about his love life. However, nobody dared to criticize him. Firstly, he could do those things. Secondly, people were afraid of his grandfather and father. He was considered a respectable individual in Atlantis’ circle of affluent people. Jenny decisively walked up to David. Meanwhile, David quickly

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