Chapter 1505

Under circumstances where forgiveness could be found, he would be able to keep this woman around. However, based on how things were going, it was clear that pleading was futile. Hence, he naturally didn’t have any reason to keep Flora around. Female celebrities were unobtainable goddesses in an ordinary person’s eyes. However, to rich kids like them, these women were nothing more than toys that could be bought with money. They could mess around with these women when they wanted, but when personal benefits were involved, they could, just as quickly, kick these women to the curb. He was absolutely unwilling to offend a top-tier friend for a mere woman. In the next second, Flora started crying. She knew what her sugar daddy was thinking. More importantly, she knew that her life was ruined. At this moment, Flora regretted her behavior of looking down on another person earlier. Meanwhile, the rich kids, female celebrities, and internet celebrities in the room were all feeling afra

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