Chapter 1506

Sebastian Brenand was furious. The consequences were very dire… When Rachel Wood saw this, she carefully tugged at Sebastian’s hand. “Calm down. She knows she’s wrong. There’s no reason to do the worst to her,” Rachel said. Rachel didn’t like doing the worst things to people. Since Flora had apologized, Rachel wanted to let things slide. However, how could Sebastian let that happen? Sebastian grabbed Rachel’s hand tightly before gently kissing it. “Stay out of this… Good girl… Be quiet.” After saying that, Sebastian looked at Flora again. “If you don’t want to risk losing job opportunities outside of the entertainment industry too, you’d best leave right away…” Flora panicked. She knew that someone like Sebastian could eliminate all her career opportunities in any industry. Hearing this, Flora began rubbing her palms furiously against each other. “No… Sebastian, you can’t do this to me…” She pleaded humbly. She’d slept with countless people to get to where she was today… Flor

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