Chapter 1504

“That’s right… Sebastian, please help talk to Henry. I didn’t mean it,” Flora also said. After saying that, she quickly walked over to the rich kid and held his arm affectionately. She pressed herself tightly against him. “Sebastian, we’ve played together a few times now. Can you do it for our friendship’s sake?” Flora spoke once again seductively. However, Sebastian Brenand’s facial expression was cold as usual. Everyone was now focused on this group of people… Henry Armstrong and Georgie Clementine were also doing the same. Right then, they were both smiling coldly. They looked as if they were waiting for the show to begin. Henry and Georgie truly felt that Flora and her sugar daddy were in deep trouble. They were pleading with Sebastian. Weren’t they barking up the wrong tree? “For our friendship’s sake?” Sebastian repeated coldly. After that, he extended his arm and naturally pulled Rachel into his embrace. When the rich kid and Flora saw this, they were both stunned… A

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