Chapter 1503

Meanwhile, Rachel Wood wasn’t particular about branded clothes. To her, as long as clothes looked good and were comfortable was more than enough. Whether it was branded or not was secondary. “Miss, what I’m wearing isn’t from the flea market…” Rachel said. There was a hint of coldness in her gentle voice. “Didn’t you get it from Goldfield Plaza? Must have been a minor brand…” Flora said once again, seemingly annoyed. “That’s enough…” Georgie Clementine looked at Flora and warned. When Flora saw that Georgie indeed was mad, she immediately shut up… Meanwhile, Henry Armstrong, who silently watched this whole thing unfold, couldn’t bear it anymore. He shoved his row of mahjong pieces forward, scattering them. After that, Henry looked at Flora blandly. “Who do you think you are? How dare you say such things here?” With that, Henry glanced coldly at the rich kid next to Flora. “Don’t bring women like this to my gathering next time. Otherwise, we won’t be friends anymore…” “No… Henr

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