Chapter 149

Right then, the door to the last room at the end of the walkway was opened. Julian Sullivan appeared in his wheelchair. Dressed in white pajamas, his fair skin seemed almost jade-like. It was as if his elegance was a quality he was born with. When Julian came out from his room, he witnessed Tom being taken away by the police officers. Julian immediately narrowed his eyes and stopped wheeling himself forward. Emily Quest saw Julian the moment she turned around. Julian quickly showed a cheerful expression. “Little sister, what happened to Tom?” He asked. Emily immediately came up with a thought before she hurried over and explained everything to Julian. “Big brother, can we keep this from your parents? If anything happens to Tom again, it would really be over for him,” Emily said. Although Emily had not interacted much with Julian, she always knew that Julian was a good brother to Tom. Ever since they were kids, Julian had looked after Tom very well. Therefore, she knew that Julian would

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