Chapter 150

“Tom Sullivan was taken away by the police last night. Currently, the investigations are underway. This matter has already made the headlines. Although the police have not confirmed the allegations, the internet users have already convicted Tom of being guilty. He’s being verbally bombarded,” Georgie said while she chuckled lightly. “We didn’t even need to do anything. The matter was exposed very easily. I wonder what the Sullivan family is doing. Shouldn’t they be keeping things on the low?” Georgie added. Xyla felt equally shocked by what she heard. Logically, based on the Sullivan family’s power, it should be easy for them to hide these things from the media. During such trying times, there was no reason for the Sullivan family to allow such news to spread so quickly unless somebody else was behind it. Could it be the same person? What kind of rivalry existed between them? Regardless of how it happened, it was good news to Xyla. As long as the outcome was favorable, Xyla had no reas

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