Chapter 148

“Xyla, you b*tch! I won’t be defeated by you this easily. Just you wait!” Emily murmured coldly to herself. The bright crystal lights above her made her eyes glare with hatred. At the moment, Emily could not help but think about how Xyla and her husband had stolen the limelight during her wedding today. Emily’s heart ached at the thought. For as much as Emily suffered today, it was in equal proportion to which Xyla enjoyed herself. In fact, Xyla was probably the highlight of the wedding. Up until now, Emily still did not understand why Xyla would choose to hide her husband if he was this handsome and was so good in the medical field. If things were exactly as Xyla mentioned, was Xyla only afraid that their father would be upset at her for making the decision to get married on her own? Was that why she intended to slowly reveal the truth to their father? Or was there something else Xyla was hiding? Emily felt that something was amiss. Was the handsome medical professional really Stanley

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