Chapter 147

Xyla Quest was truly cruel! Even if Emily Quest was never nice to her, they were still sisters. How could Xyla do such things? Emily’s words were like spikes being stabbed against Tom Sullivan’s mind. All of a sudden, his world had been turned upside down. Is this all true? Tom wondered. He felt deeply annoyed and hateful. “Alright. Stop talking. I need some silence,” Tom said before making his way upstairs in a tired manner. Although the wound on his forehead was still bleeding, he completely ignored it. He was deeply confused by his own emotions. If what Emily said was true, wasn’t Xyla too cruel? How could she do this to him when he still cared so much about her? Emily quickly followed him and held his arm affectionately. “Brother Sullivan, walk slowly. Wait for me. I’ll come with you,” Emily said. Tom felt greatly annoyed. Now that Emily was getting close to him, he felt even more annoyed. Tom frowned coldly before heartlessly pulling his arm away. He then took quick strides upstai

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