Chapter 1440

“As we all know, Kassadin is invincible after reaching level sixteen… Once Kassadin reaches level sixteen… the opponent’s base will explode…” Commentator B added. The live stream channel— “Here we go again. Kassadin will destroy the opponent’s base at level sixteen…” “Do you remember that match between Team XS and the other team? Wasn’t their opponent’s Kassadin also level sixteen? So why didn’t their base explode?” “I’m just stating the facts. I really don’t know how Team CE can win with this formation…” “Team CE is getting more and more ridiculous… I honestly doubt they can win this match.” “Team CE will pay for their arrogance… I honestly don’t know who chose this trashy formation…” Meanwhile, fans who supported Team CE below the stage were also feeling nervous on behalf of the team… This formation was too much like walking on a tightrope… It required perfect gameplay on the frontlines. If they didn’t acquire an advantage in the early game, they would practically lose ever

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