Chapter 1441

Xyla Quest had expected to win in this competition. Hence, she only smiled slightly. After that, she calmly led Noah Smith and the others to shake their opponents’ hands. Once that ended, everyone walked onto the stage to bow deeply to the audience before leaving together. In this competition, everyone on the team dealt the maximum amount of damage possible. In addition, Xyla dealt 25,000 damage on her own. Meanwhile, Noah dealt 22,000 damage. The other players all dealt over 15,000 damage each. Even the Support dealt 10,000 damage. The live stream channel— “Hahaha… Is this the legendary Kassadin that could cause the opponent’s base to explode at level sixteen? They lost before Kassadin even reached level sixteen. Hahaha…” “I still think Team Number One’s formation is better. Team CE’s formation is too weak…” “Hahaha… Do the commentators feel humiliated?” “Let’s sign a petition for Noah Miller to change his profession and join the eSports industry! Then, he could easily get t

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