Chapter 1439

Stanley Batton was also clapping. Many people around him stood up excitedly and jumped as they cheered… Compared to them, Stanley appeared extremely calm. Instead, he just silently clapped while he looked approvingly at Xyla Quest, who was on the stage. His eyes were full of gentleness, affection, and devotion. There was a break between each match. After the first match ended, Xyla led members of Team CE to the backstage resting room to take a short rest. They also used the time to discuss the strategies of their next match. Not long after they arrived inside the resting room, the MVP for the previous match was selected… Xyla was awarded the title of MVP with a god-like score of 10-0-10… Below the stage, Stanley’s smile widened when he saw Xyla’s achievement. Meanwhile, inside the resting room, Xyla merely glanced at the large screen in the room calmly. After that, she sat on a soft, black leather sofa and closed her eyes to rest… Soon, her teammates gathered around her to c

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