Chapter 142

“This matter is non-negotiable. If you are a smart person, you will get this divorce agreement signed immediately. I have given you enough, including five hundred million dollars in cash and two villas. If you refuse, I will take things to court. If that were to happen, you might not get as much as you would now,” Jeremy Quest said coldly without hesitation. Jeremy had signed a prenuptial agreement with May Conner when they got married in the past. Everything under the Quest family’s business belonged to Jeremy privately. Regardless of whether they remained married or not, May would have no claim over any of it. If they brought this to court, May would not benefit at all. Since they were once husband and wife and loved each other in the past and lived together, Jeremy hoped that they could separate in peace. Both parties would be significantly affected if legal measures were to be taken. Although it was a difficult decision, Jeremy knew that it was necessary. It was better to suffer in

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