Chapter 141

Zack Cassidy could not understand how Fifth Master was able to finish an entire bowl of rice with these dishes. *** By the time Xyla Quest returned home, a thick layer of snow had already covered the courtyard floor. Meanwhile, there were large red lanterns all around the courtyard and the word ‘joy’ printed in red. After quickly getting the car parked, Xyla hurriedly put on a deep blue jacket and entered the house. As soon as she walked in, she was greeted with warm air that replaced the chill in her body. In the living room, Jeremy Quest and May Conner were seated next to each other. Both had sour looks on their faces. An intricately designed ceramic teapot and teacups were broken and scattered all over the floor. It seemed an intense fight had occurred earlier. Meanwhile, none of the servants were around. It was so quiet in the large space that the sound of a needle falling to the ground could probably be heard crystal clear. The air seemed heavy and stuffy. Everything had happened

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