Chapter 143

Without bickering with May any further, Xyla turned around and started walking upstairs. “Xyla Quest, I won’t let you off the hook! Just you wait! Emily and I won’t be defeated by you this easily!” May murmured to herself in a murderous tone. After returning to her room, Xyla poured herself a glass of red wine and began observing the snowy view outside from her balcony. The layer of snow on the red plum tree seemed so thick that it might cause one of its branches to snap. Against the fully white surrounding, the slight dash of red appeared unusually striking. After taking a sip of the red wine, Xyla could not help but think about Emily. This should have been the happiest moment in Emily’s life because it was the night of her wedding. However, this was perhaps the beginning of Emily’s nightmare. Xyla had once experienced falling from the highest high to the lowest low. She knew all too well how painful it was. When Xyla thought of this, the painful memories began replaying in her mind a

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