Chapter 1425

On this side, a few of them were having an enjoyable conversation. On the other side, Josh Batton didn’t have as much good luck. After sending one batch of young female fans on their way, another batch came. Unfortunately, Josh’s hand was getting tired from signing too many autographs. On the dance floor, Sharon Lindt was delighted to see her son appearing so popular. Although Wilson Batton didn’t show it, he felt happy about it too. Catherine Batton rested her chin on one hand while placing her elbow on her thigh. “Josh is getting increasingly popular now… Noah is getting more popular too…” She said as she looked in Josh’s direction. Xyla Quest immediately nodded when Noah Smith was brought up. “Yes…” Noah’s popularity had been rising a lot recently. The variety show by Goose Factory that Noah participated in, Fire Up Street Dancing, was the most popular variety show on the internet right now. It had the highest number of viewers on the internet… With Noah’s excellent dancing

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