Chapter 1424

“Sure…” Xyla Quest agreed decisively. “What about me?” Josh Batton asked gently. “Everyone gets something,” Xyla said. Josh smiled a little. He didn’t say anything further… Stanley Batton also smiled slightly. “Josh, Stan and Xyla got Dad a watch, and I got Dad a necktie. What did you get him?” Catherine Batton looked at Josh and asked. Josh slowly retrieved a dark red ring box from his pocket and handed it over to Wilson Batton. “I personally designed this jade ring for you, but I didn’t make it myself… It can’t be compared to Xyla’s gift…” When Wilson heard this, he immediately opened the box and looked at the content… There was a simple white, thick, jade ring inside. It had carvings of a dragon on it. Yet, amidst the low-key design were hints of luxury. Wilson liked it a lot… “Hmm, not bad…” Wilson said. “I’m glad you like it… I’ve prepared a piano piece. I’ll play it for you later,” Josh added. “Oh, sure…” Wilson had a look of approval in his eyes. “I think a piano pi

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