Chapter 1426

Georgie Clementine was Xyla Quest’s best friend. They were almost like sisters. If people talked about Georgie, that meant they were talking about her. Xyla couldn’t take it anymore… With a cold frown on her face, she stood up and walked toward Henry Armstrong’s mother. Xyla wanted to speak up for Georgie. However, as soon as Xyla looked up, she saw Sharon Lindt walking up to Henry’s mother. Sharon didn’t start speaking right away. Instead, she shook her head at Xyla, hinting her not to make any rash moves. Hence, Xyla stopped in her tracks… Stanley Batton and Catherine Batton instantly shifted their gazes to Xyla. “What did you say?” Sharon asked as she looked blandly at Henry’s mother. Henry’s mother chuckled. “What did I say? I said that the girlfriend my son found isn’t worthy of our family…” Sharon chuckled along. “Look at you. You’re not young anymore. Why are you still so ignorant?” Henry’s mother seemed confused when she heard this. Her facial expression immediatel

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