Chapter 1409

Jenny Armstrong turned around and glared at Henry Armstrong, upset. “Shut up…” Henry was speechless. Georgie Clementine frowned slightly as she looked at Henry with a serious face. “Shut up.” Henry immediately raised both hands in surrender… Knock, knock, knock— Someone knocked on the door again. Soon, a few waiters walked in with the dishes Henry ordered. Caviar sushi, tempura, salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, arctic shellfish sashimi, sweetened shrimp sashimi, sea urchin sashimi, and unagi rice were all Georgie and Jenny’s favorite. The Japanese dining utensils were in classic black-and-white. The table was set up intricately… Although the quantity of food was small, it all looked delicious. When Jenny saw these dishes, she instantly felt relaxed. Her appetite was stirred up. Right then, her stomach felt much better. Finally, she was ready to have a nice meal. Meanwhile, Georgie also suddenly felt hungry. Jenny tugged at Georgie’s hand and led her back to their seats. Afte

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