Chapter 1408

The more Jenny Armstrong thought about it, the more nervous she felt. Her body became all tensed up. Georgie Clementine took a deep look at Jenny. ‘This girl really is very naïve…’ Georgie thought to herself. After chuckling a little bit, Georgie pulled the door open. The person standing outside the door was none other than Blakely Shelton. At this moment, Jenny wanted to die even more badly… Subconsciously, Jenny smiled at Blakely. After that, she raised her hand stiffly. “Hi…” “Hi…” Blakely smiled. Right then, Blakely was holding a white shirt in his hand… He casually pointed at the shirt around Jenny’s lower body. “That coat… The waiter says he wants it back… So I went to my car to get one of my shirts… Here…” With that, Blakely quickly handed his white shirt over to Jenny. The longer this topic was being talked about, the more awkward Jenny felt. In the end, her face turned completely red. Even she felt that she was an absolute coward. Jenny was like a queen at school.

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