Chapter 1410

Now, in the server that Henry Armstrong and Georgie Clementine played in, Henry was the number one in the entire server. He was also the number one in the whole game. Meanwhile, Georgie was number two in the whole server as well as the entire game. “Third strongest in the server? Do you mean White Dream?” Georgie asked. White Dream was also a very powerful player in Heroes Assemble who spent a lot of money in the game. Rumors had it that the player came from a wealthy family. Although the player used a female character in the game, the person’s actual gender was unknown. The player chose the Alchemist class in the game, and that meant being in a healer role… For the time being, White Dream was the third strongest player on the entire server. However, even if White Dream wasn’t number three in the entire game, he or she was probably number four. “Hmm, yeah…” Jenny nodded. Georgie immediately felt joyful. “That’s great. We can play together in the future. Let’s form a team together.

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