Chapter 1395

Georgie Clementine met Jenny Armstrong once at a shopping mall… Georgie had a very deep impression of Jenny. Apart from mistaking Jenny as one of Henry Armstrong’s many girlfriends, it was more so because Jenny looked really pretty. Jenny looked just like a doll… Georgie found it difficult even when she had only seen Jenny at a single glance. “Hmm… You have no idea how much effort she put in… This time, we have to thank her properly,” Henry said. “You and your sister have a really good relationship…” Georgie complimented. “Of course. We’ve been very close since we were kids. But, most importantly, our age gap is huge. I’m twenty-nine this year, but she’s only eighteen… “With an age gap of eleven years, I’ve always taken care of her like she is my daughter… Meanwhile, she has also been very close to me because I’ve been especially good to her since we were kids… “Oh, right. Jenny said she wants to meet you. She’s very interested in you…” Henry added. “Sure… You can arrange the

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