Chapter 1394

After saying that, Jenny Armstrong glanced at her father, who was next to her. She gave him an awkward smile. Jenny’s father shook his head helplessly. After that, he turned around and returned to the house. “Jenny… You are my wonderful sister… Truly impressive… I’ll give you a thumbs up…” Henry Armstrong was thrilled right now. This was such a massive turn of events! Initially, Henry was already prepared to cut off all ties with his family. In fact, he already planned how his future would turn out… However, to his surprise, those preparations weren’t needed anymore. Weren’t he and Jenny too fantastic? “Brother… About that… Could you introduce me to Georgie when you have the time?” Jenny asked with interest. She was genuinely fond of Georgie Clementine… Georgie was both remarkable and awesome… The way Georgie yelled at Jenny’s mother when the latter was being unreasonable impressed Jenny significantly. “Can I ask her about it later?” Henry said. “Sure… I’m interested in Ge

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