Chapter 1396

“Where do you work?” Georgie Clementine asked. “I’m working in Atlantis Broadcasting Administration as the deputy director… If you need any help in the future, feel free to come to me. We’re ex-classmates, after all…” Tiana Winslet said. Georgie was shocked to hear this. Based on what Georgie knew, this woman didn’t even complete her university studies. Back in middle school and high school, Tiana’s academic performance was also average. Her family background was even more average. With such capabilities, she had still managed to become the deputy director of Atlantis Broadcasting Administration. But, of course, that wasn’t ordinary at all… Previously, Georgie heard that Tiana got close to an influential big boss. At first, Georgie thought it was only a rumor, but it now seemed that it wasn’t entirely made up after all… “Alright…” Georgie smiled and nodded. The feeling of surprise in her heart also vanished very quickly… Georgie had seen all kinds of things in the entertainme

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