Chapter 1377

Henry Armstrong’s mother instantly rolled her eyes at Georgie Clementine. After that, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and gave Georgie the side-eye. “Love? Don’t make yourself sound so great… Don’t you think I don’t know this act, but you don’t love him at all. Instead, you love his money… Such a fake b*tch… “If you’re a smart person, take these 300 million dollars and get lost… Forget about your little tricks. Don’t ever think that I would fall for your nonsense. I am far more experienced than you are…” Henry’s mother sneered. “Madam… Regardless of whether you believe me or not… My feelings for Henry are real,” Georgie said. “Take the 300 million dollars and get lost…” Henry’s mother added. The determined attitude of Henry’s mother convinced Georgie to give up on all her fantasies. But, unfortunately, it also shaved away all her patience. “It’s impossible to convince me to leave Henry unless he comes here and tells me to leave on his own. I’ll leave immediately if that

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