Chapter 1376

As soon as Georgie Clementine walked in, she saw a woman wearing a black Hermes dress among the crowd. The woman also wore a black Hermes hat. She had light, intricate makeup on her face, and she wore antique, pink, diamond jewelry worth up to a hundred million dollars. Her entire body seemed to glow with beauty and nobility. The woman seemed very young… Georgie highly suspected that this was Henry Armstrong’s mother. That was because the way she dressed made her look exactly like a wealthy housewife. However, Georgie couldn’t be too sure. After all, this person seemed too young. She was probably in her forties at most… Henry told Georgie himself that his mother was in her fifties. However, plenty of rich people looked after themselves well and seemed to be in their forties despite being in their fifties. As Georgie pondered, the woman in Hermes waved at her. She waved downward, and her expression was icy. There was an aloofness about her that made it seem as if she was summon

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