Chapter 1375

Noticing how Annabeth Cates seemed to be lost in a daydream, a curious look appeared in Josh Batton’s eyes. “What are you thinking about?” Annabeth chuckled. “Nothing much…” “Are you feeling alright?” Josh asked. “Of course…” Annabeth’s smile broadened. “That’s good…” Josh said. He didn’t say anything else. Instead, after putting his phone down, he casually picked up an envelope from the pile of similar envelopes nearby and started reading intently. *** At the same time, in the office of X Entertainment’s CEO… Georgie Clementine was carefully going through documents… She had gotten a new haircut. Her long, black hair was now curled up and split in a three-to-seven ratio… The tip of her hair only reached her earlobes. It made her look prim and proper. Her white body-hugging shirt matching her peach-colored, high-waist pants, and the contrast made her physique extremely attractive. The intricate makeup on her face also made her facial features appear beautiful. Buried in wo

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