Chapter 1374

In fact, Annabeth Cates felt that it was blasphemous of her even to have such thoughts. The woman who would be with Josh Batton in the future would surely be someone of the same stature with a fair complexion, a wealthy background, and great beauty. It wouldn’t be someone like her… Besides, Annabeth could feel that Josh liked Xyla Quest from the bottom of his heart… Josh treated Xyla differently from how he treated others… Apart from that, Annabeth accidentally saw that Josh saved many of Xyla’s photos on his phone previously. Thinking about Xyla made Annabeth feel even more self-abased. When Annabeth opened Weibo, she saw that the number one hot topic had changed again. Right then, the number one hot topic had become ‘#Josh Batton protects his assistant at the airport# Explosive’. Annabeth had guessed that scene would end up on the list of hot topics, but she didn’t think it’d happen so soon. After opening the hot topic, Annabeth saw various pictures of the instant Josh prot

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