Chapter 1378

After returning to her office, Georgie Clementine still had a lot of pent-up feelings. Right then, Henry Armstrong’s call came in… She instantly frowned coldly and walked over to the French window. “What is it?” She picked up and asked. Due to her bad mood, her tone wasn’t pleasant either. Having lived long enough, Georgie had seen many wealthy people who are arrogant and impolite. However, someone like Henry’s mother was truly rare… Did she think she was all that great just because she had money? Although it was quite something… Did she have to look down on others like that? Did she have severe paranoia? Did she think everyone was after their family’s money? “Who made my baby upset? Why do you sound so unhappy?” Henry was trying to calm her down. “Your mother…” Georgie said. “No, wait a second… You can be angry, but can you not scold me? I didn’t do anything to you…” Henry said innocently. “A few minutes ago… I met your mother,” Georgie explained patiently. However, she

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