Chapter 1292

The person who came was Sharon Lindt… She was holding a red, square jewelry box with golden velvet linings. Once the door was opened, Sharon immediately scratched her head awkwardly when she saw Xyla Quest. “I’m sorry. I forgot to knock… Let me do that again…” Sharon honestly forgot to knock. That was very impolite! It was also very awkward! ‘Ahh…’ Xyla chuckled while she slowly sat up on the bed. “Mom… It’s okay… Come here, quick.” Sharon instantly walked over to the bed and placed the red jewelry box with golden velvet linings in Xyla’s hand. “I bought this set of jewelry for you last night. See if you like it… “It was very late when I bought it. I wanted to come here and deliver it to you, but I was afraid you might be asleep already. That’s why I’m here in the morning. “When I arrived, Stan was making breakfast downstairs. He told me that you’re probably awake and that I should come and look for you on my own,” Sharon added. With that, Sharon carefully opened the box… A s

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