Chapter 1293

Even without any makeup on, Xyla Quest still looked exquisitely beautiful. Sharon Lidnt couldn’t resist complimenting her. “So beautiful… Quick, have a look, darling…” Xyla instantly walked over to the dressing mirror joyously. She looked at her reflection in the mirror… The mirror inlaid with gold and diamonds showed her reflection. She was glowing like a diamond, appearing both fairy-like and noble. Sharon had very good taste. Xyla was very pleased with the set of jewelry. Coincidentally, X Entertainment’s second anniversary was coming in a few days. When the time came, Xyla could attend the celebration with this set of jewelry. During X Entertainment’s first anniversary, Georgie Clementine was the only one who showed up. Back then, Xyla didn’t appear because she wanted to keep a low profile. But now that her identity had been exposed, Xyla had no reason not to attend. Sharon happened to be able to see Xyla’s reflection in the mirror too. The longer she looked at Xyla, the

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