Chapter 1291

The person who came in was the team’s president, Michael Gabriel. When Michael saw Alex’s nervous expression, he immediately walked forward and sat down next to Alex. “What’s wrong with you?” “No… Nothing…” Alex shook his head. “Let’s go and have dinner…” Michael said. Alex nodded. After that, Michael scanned Alex up and down carefully before getting up and leaving… For some unknown reason, Michael felt that something was wrong with Alex. As for what it was, Michael couldn’t figure it out. Looking at Michael from behind, Alex immediately let out a long sigh of relief. *** The following day, Xyla Quest saw Goose Factory’s talent show, Fire Up Street Dancing Season Two, announcing its five mentors on Weibo’s official page as soon as she opened her eyes… These mentors were Jerry Gamelan, Teresa Panther, Ringo Chalmers, Fabian Suave, and Noah Miller. Noah Miller was Noah Smith’s stage name. The official poster had a white backdrop with pictures of the five mentors at the bottom

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