Chapter 121

Suddenly, the whole world had decided that Xyla Quest’s husband was an ugly man. “What a pity. It’s like a fresh flower on cow dung.” “I always assumed that someone like Xyla Quest would definitely marry an elite, wealthy, and handsome man.” “Tsk tsk tsk, I heard that her husband is so ugly that he’s not presentable. He even has an insignificant status! Tsk tsk tsk… Is Xyla’s brain alright? Why does she have to defile herself this way?” “What’s the use of having better looks than Emily? Her husband isn’t as good as Emily’s, and it’s really a pity.” Many people started pointing fingers at Xyla. Even if they have toned it down a lot, Xyla could still see them clearly. In an instant, she felt like she was a clown who had simply thrown her life away in the crowd’s eye. However, Xyla remained unfazed. She looked down at the time quietly as if the people around her were transparent. Although half an hour had passed since the appointed time, she was not worried that he would

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