Chapter 120

After that, the group stood up together to toast with the newlyweds. Emily had first held her glass to Jeremy. Yet, before her glass had touched his, Jeremy immediately retrieved his glass and finished his wine with a dark expression. After that, everyone else lifted their heads and finished their wine. Emily was not surprised by her father’s reaction. It was already good enough that he was willing to cooperate and attend today’s wedding to maintain the Quest family and Sullivan family image. Hence, she did not expect him to be friendly toward her at all. She knew full well that she and her mother still had a huge battle to fight after this. Emily put her glass down but showed no intention of leaving immediately. She turned to Xyla and asked, “Sister, where is my brother-in-law? Didn’t you say he would attend my wedding with you?” “Xyla, I wanted to ask you as well. Why isn’t your husband here?” Jeremy asked. Although he seemed unbothered, he was actually annoyed that the

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