Chapter 122

The commotion at the door immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Just then, behind Emily, Fanny had received a call, so she quickly returned to the dressing room. Soon after, Stanley Batton’s strikingly tall and aloof profile entered everyone’s vision. His lush short black hair was combed back loosely; his features were perfectly defined and flawless. The crisp white shirt was paired with a tailor-fitted dark blue suit making his figure look exceptionally remarkable. In an instant, the surroundings seemed dull. The man had a strong and pressuring aura as he stood there like a monarch. By now, all the women present had become fans of his appearance. “Ah! I’m dying! Which family does that guy belong to? That face is too handsome to be human.” Mary stared dazedly at him as she kept fawning. “If he’s not a celebrity, he must be the young master of a dignified family! I totally dig that face. I must get his WeChat contact later.” Lucy was entranced. “No, that man is

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