Chapter 1197

“Henry Armstrong… As long as you open your eyes now, I’ll even agree to marry you right away if that’s what you want.” Georgie Clementine was panicking badly. She blurted everything she felt at that moment. “To be honest… I think I’ve fallen for you since a long time ago… “Honestly, I want to be with you too… “If you wake up, we’ll be together. Okay?” The more Georgie said, the harder she cried. In the end, tears completely blurred her vision. Even Henry Armstrong’s face began to turn blurry. The more she said, the more her heart ached. Georgie really was terrified… She completely had no idea what she should do. By the end of her speech, she directly climbed onto Henry’s body and hugged him tightly. Perhaps, this was human nature. Only when one knew something was about to be lost would they start appreciating it. “Ahem… Ahem… “Say, honey, are you trying to squish me to death… “Ahh… It hurts so much… Ouch…” Right then, Henry couldn’t keep pretending anymore. He opened his

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