Chapter 1196

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were filled with concern. “He… He was severely injured, and he won’t live for long… He wants to see Georgie Clementine now…” Durand Sonner said. “Who among you is Georgie Clementine?” He asked. After that, he let out another long sigh as he repeatedly looked from one face to the other. When everyone heard this, their facial expressions froze. Georgie Clementine even felt as if her heart had been torn out of her chest. At this moment, all the memories of the time she and Henry Armstrong spent together suddenly flooded into her mind like a tsunami. The first time Georgie saw him in the bar when she was with Xyla Quest… Georgie saw him shining brightly. He was in high spirits and was hugging everyone around him. After that, when the two of them met again, he took the initiative to ask for her WeChat account… Later, Henry became her loyal devotee, and he tried everything to please her. In fact, he even booked the advertisement screen across her com

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