Chapter 1195

Soon, Georgie Clementine arrived at the municipal hospital in her car… After arriving, she quickly stopped her car. Right then, Xyla Quest sent her a WeChat message to inform her about Henry Armstrong’s current location. Georgie immediately started running. Six traffic police officers also started running after her once they’d parked their cars… After running into the hospital building, Georgie ignored everything else and charged into the elevator. She directly rushed to the emergency unit. When the six traffic police officers arrived in front of the elevator, the doors happened to close on them… They instantly let out a long, helpless sigh before walking over to the staircase nearby. Soon, Georgie arrived in front of the VIP emergency unit’s door. By then, Stanley Batton, Xyla, Sebastian Brenand, Gary Lakes, and Rachel Wood were sitting outside the emergency unit on a spotless bench. At this moment, Georgie’s strength had already been completely drained. When Georgie saw th

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