Chapter 1198

Although Georgie Clementine did say those things, she was still angry at Henry Armstrong now and didn’t want to answer him. Earlier, she was honestly terrified for his sake! Up until now, Georgie still couldn’t wholly recollect herself from the fear of losing him. Henry had crossed the line! When Henry saw her reaction, he immediately extended an arm and directly pulled Georgie onto his body. When Georgie’s body forcefully fell against him, Henry instantly felt a sharp pain in his chest. “Ouch—” Henry subconsciously uttered. After that, he wrapped one hand around Georgie’s waist and tried to ignore the pain. “Anyway, I don’t care… You are now officially my girlfriend… “You can’t regret your decision. Otherwise, I’ll…” Henry trailed off. “You’ll what?” Georgie struggled to get up. “Didn’t your chest get knocked by the steering wheel? Why are you still pressing me against you like this? Let go…” She said. However, Henry continued to hold her tightly. He wasn’t allowing her to ge

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