Chapter 1179

Xyla Quest had given Adam Shaw a second chance at life. “Tell me, what’s the name of the rich kid who bullied you previously?” Xyla asked. “Cody Lester…” Xyla found this name awfully familiar. After carefully thinking about it, she finally recalled. This person’s father was the owner of the second-largest hospital franchise in the country, Lester Hospital. His name was Cayden Carose. Cayden’s parents were both people who were akin to the royal family. That explained why Cayden’s son could boycott Adam in the entire country right away. However, although the Lester family was powerful, they were nothing compared to the Batton family. Xyla remarked to herself to avenge Adam on this. If Cody Lester offended Adam, that meant he offended Xyla… Right then, the waiters placed the stuff they ordered on the table, including a two-sectioned pot and a bunch of ingredients… Soon, the entire table was filled… After igniting the fire under the pot, a waiter left with the rest. The large p

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