Chapter 1178

Xyla Quest wasn’t surprised at all after hearing what Adam Shaw said. Adam’s character was like this. He was so good that nobody could complain about him. He never asked for anything in return when he helped another person. In fact, he never thought of getting any benefits from the people he helped. Silently, Xyla took out a blank check from her purse. After that, she signed fifty million dollars on it and pushed it over to Adam. When Adam saw the massive figure on the check, he instantly shook his head. With a determined look on his face, he pushed the check back to Xyla. “No… I can’t take it… How could I take fifty million dollars from you? My efforts back then weren’t even worth fifty million dollars…” Xyla laughed. “I’m lending you this money. Set up a private hospital with this money… I believe that, with your medical skills and your capabilities, you’ll definitely be able to make your hospital popular. When you make enough money, you can return the money to me with added in

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