Chapter 1180

“I’m renting a place outside with her now. Since we’ve broken up, I’ll have to move out. “I’ll still need to look for a place to stay for the next two days. Apart from that, I’m working as a waiter in a hotel. “If I want to set up a hospital, I’ll need to resign first. There are a lot of things I need to do. “Resigning is easy. I can get it done at a moment’s notice. However, finding a place to stay is difficult. It’ll take a few days,” Adam Shaw explained in detail. “Oh, I forgot about this. You don’t have to look for a place. I have many houses… I can allow you to stay in one of them for the time being,” Xyla Quest said. “Of course, it won’t be for free. You’ll have to pay me rent. It’ll be five thousand dollars a month,” Xyla added. Knowing her personality, she knew that Adam would surely refuse if she said he could stay there for free. Hence, she decided to charge him some money. “Okay…” Adam immediately nodded. Naturally, Adam knew what Xyla was thinking. He was feeling i

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