Chapter 1172

“Shocking! Countless months ago, the firework that went on for the entire night at Rosales Manor was actually Stanley Batton’s doing!” The content of today’s interview came out so soon. Xyla honestly didn’t expect that… This news was published by Weibo News… When Xyla saw this, she instantly tapped on the link. A large paragraph came into sight. In summary, it mentioned how Xyla revealed the firework incident at Rosales Manor during her magazine interview with Business Forefront… Right after that, Xyla saw a video clip of Louise Amherst interviewing her further below that was just published by Business Forefront and forwarded by Weibo News. This was a video of Xyla mentioning that Stanley Batton was the one who put on the fireworks at Rosales Manor. Business Forefront’s Weibo post had only been published less than a minute ago, but there were already over 100,000 shares, likes, and comments. Xyla instantly tapped on the comment section to have a look… The first line was a comm

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