Chapter 1173

When Xyla Quest heard Adam Shaw’s name, she instantly looked in the direction of the noise… Adjacent from her, in front of a Dior cosmetics store, was a couple. The man was Adam, while the woman was his girlfriend. Now, Adam no longer seemed to be in high spirits as he did before. He’d lost a lot of weight, and he had tired eyes. Adam was very particular about how he dressed up, but now he didn’t even care anymore. The black shirt he was wearing was already turning white from being over washed, and the light-blue jeans he wore looked the same. Xyla was truly curious about what happened to him. Meanwhile, his girlfriend still dressed up in the same way she did before. She was wearing branded items from head to toe. The red Hermes purse she was holding already cost several hundred thousand on its own… The man before Xyla, Adam, was her savior. On a fateful night, when Tom Sullivan and Emily Quest bullied her, Adam was the one who saved her. Moreover, he led her to find her mast

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