Chapter 1171

After approximately an hour, Xyla Quest’s interview ended. Louise Amherst and the others reluctantly left Xyla’s office. Meanwhile, Xyla let out a long sigh as if she were finally relieved of a huge burden. In the past hour or so, she had answered so many questions. Now, her mouth and tongue felt parched, and her throat was scratchy. Xyla opened a bottle of Evian’s and took a sip before walking over to Stanley Batton. Naturally, she sat on his lap and grabbed his phone to look at it. “What are you looking at? I saw you looking at your phone the entire time I was doing the interview…” It was a photo of Xyla on the phone screen. He seemed to have taken it when she was sleeping at some point. It was taken from the side. Moreover, it was taken as a close-up photo. However, she still looked very good in it. Even without a beautifying filter, her skin still seemed flawless, and her facial features were exquisite. Xyla looked like a little fairy who had fallen asleep. Irrevocably, t

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