Chapter 1170

The person who arrived was none other than Stanley Batton. He was wearing a black shirt with a matching pair of black pants. Without a necktie on, the three buttons below his collar were also casually left unbuttoned. His sleeves were rolled slightly up to his elbows. He appeared casual with a tinge of laziness. Although it was an ordinary outfit, Stanley made it look unusually noble. There was a large bouquet of roses in his right hand. No matter how good the roses looked, they still couldn’t compare to one-ten-thousandth of the man’s good looks. The moment Louise Amherst saw Stanley Batton, she and the three male videographers were all stunned. Even the three heterosexual men couldn’t resist the charm of Stanley’s good looks… The three videographers subconsciously pointed their cameras at Stanley. Louise didn’t think she’d have this unexpected reward from interviewing Xyla Quest today. Louise was able to bump into Stanley, someone who never did any interviews! Stanley loo

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