Chapter 1169

Xyla Quest immediately stood up and walked up to Louise Amherst to shake her hand. They then introduced themselves to each other. After that, they cut to the chase. Xyla led Louise over to the coffee table nearby and sat down. Xyla sat on the long couch, while Louise sat on the single couch nearby. After that, Louise equipped an infinite-length lavalier microphone on Xyla and herself… Once they had equipped the microphones, and the videographers set up their cameras, the interview officially began… The two smiled, shook each other’s hand, and greeted each other once again in front of the camera. After that, Louise started saying a bunch of opening remarks. Once she was done, she started asking the questions she had prepared— “Based on what I know, Miss Quest, you’re only twenty-two. Your father has already entrusted the company to you at such a young age. Do you feel pressured?” Louise asked. “Hmm, to be honest, it’s not too bad… Certainly, I do feel some pressure. After all,

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