Chapter 1168

“Hello, Miss Georgie, I’ve decided on casting Josh Batton as the male lead in my new movie.” It was a WeChat message from Garry Herrman. Last night, he clearly said a few excellent male actors were being considered. He said he needed more time to select someone. Why did he immediately change his mind today? Did the other actors all fail the screening test? Regardless of everything else, Georgie was still very excited to see this message. She instantly replied to it. “Alright. Thank you, Director Herrman. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure Josh gets prepared.” “Okay. I’ll send the script to Josh later. We’ll start filming on the thirtieth next month,” Garry replied. “Okay…” Georgie wrote. Georgie felt genuinely happy that she was able to grab such a good opportunity for Josh Batton. At this moment, she couldn’t help but smile. “Why are you smiling?” Henry asked. “Nothing…” Georgie chuckled. She didn’t want to tell Henry Armstrong too much. Henry looked at Georgie deeply before lowe

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