Chapter 114

”Don’t panic. I have an idea!” A stylist quickly took out a few pins from the makeup box and secured them on the back of Emily’s dress and her waist area. The dress immediately fitted. After that, she took the mopping veil on the dressing table and swiftly draped it over Emily’s head. The veil covered her face while the back portion fell onto the floor. The pin was white. With the veil to conceal it, it no longer seemed obvious. Emily started at her reflection in the mirror, surprised. “It’s so much better now.” Then, she turned around to look at her back. “Yeah… the pin doesn’t look obvious either.” However, when her gaze fell onto her dull face, Emily's smile froze once more. “Thank you. What is your name?” She glanced coldly at the stylist as she asked. “Fanny Mitchelle.” The girl smiled as she looked up slowly. Soon, a face with extra-thick makeup appeared in the mirror. She looked at Emily’s face in the mirror then back at her own. Fanny felt that the world was

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